Organic Light Technologies

We are pioneers in delivering innovative organic light disinfection solutions to irradicate pathogens from food, air, and surfaces.

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection technology kills 99.9% of viruses and pathogens.

Large Areas

1,600 square feet
disinfected in 15 minutes

Covid-19 Relief

CARES Act Eligible

Long Lifetime

12,000-hour warranty

Cost Effective

Compared to the expense of
manual disinfection and chemicals

UV-C Technology

For over 100 years, researchers have proven that UV-C technology is an effective germicide. The technology is FDA approved. Recent studies have shown it to be effective against all coronaviruses in published investigations. On pathogens, UV-C radiation is absorbed at the molecular level, altars the DNA structure, and inactivates the organism. The cell cannot reproduce, and it dies.



OLT Felix Mobile Disinfecting Unit

Felix is a commercial-grade, chemical-free, mobile microorganism sanitization unit. It’s designed to offer advanced controlled disinfection of air and surfaces within a confined space.

Felix employs high-efficiency electronic ballasts and a 1300-Watt continuous UV-C emitter at the optimal 254nm wavelength output. It plugs into any 120V 50/60 Hzelectrical outlet.


OLT Clair HVAC Purifying System

Clair, Clean Air, is our newest commercial and industrial air purifying system. Using state-of-the-art Advanced HVAC Technology, Clair is installed and optimized in the air conditioning duct. Air passes through a UVC dispersion system to kill pathogens and viruses that otherwise would be circulated.

Clair’s UVC/HVAC dispersion technology is 100x stronger than standard UVC lamps which are only able to affect the coils in HVAC systems. Clair is able to eradicate 99.9% of airborne pathogens passing through the duct.

Process & Packaging

OLT Food Conveyor Disinfecting System

The Organic Light Food Conveyor is designed for conveyance disinfection for product exposure control. The conveyor is the greatest opportunity for contamination to product surface. Organic Light Technologies offers disinfection control through retro-fit equipment to existing operations.


At Organic Light Technologies, our focus is for public safety, to protect employees, and restore consumer confidence. We are currently providing solutions in these industries:

  • Living Quarters: assisted living, nursing homes, apartments, dormitories, hotels
  • High Traffic Areas: factories, manufacturing,office buildings, breakroom
  • Public Venues: transportation, music & sports venues, theaters, museums, gyms, med spas, locker rooms

At Organic Light Technologies, our focus is for public safety,to protect employees, and restore consumer confidence.

About OLT

Organic Light Technologies (formerly Radiant Industrial Solutions) originated in 2005 as a commercial service and solution provider. In 2016, we introduced UV-C technology to innovate the food industry via surface, air, and transportation disinfection. In 2020, we saw the world’s desperate need for disinfection solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuing to develop products to eradicate the coronavirus and other airborne and surface pathogens.

According to CDC guidelines, it’s important to partner with a reputable UV-C Device Manufacturer who will assist by doing necessary calculations, making fixture selections, properly installing the system, and testing for proper operation specific to the setting. All products and parts are manufactured in the USA.

UV-C Technology FDA Approved

3rd Party Certified

Made in the USA

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